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Innovation can be a new idea, method, or device which adds value to individuals, companies, or society. In recent years at ESAM, we have been proud to work with some of the best innovators that were able to deliver something new and valuable to the market.

For example, one of our food production partners developed a new solution in agricultural technology to generate organic produce with better yields than conventional methods. Furthermore, the business operates within an ecosystem that transforms the waste generated from aquaculture farms into a valuable on-farm hydroponic resource.

But our proudest moment — witnessing their products on the shelves of a major Australian supermarket, knowing this was only possible with ESAM’s contribution. As well as boosting our sense of accomplishment, it also reinforces what we believe is most critical to such an innovative operation – reliability.


How ESAM demonstrates reliability in a world of constant change

The recent times of uncertainty have presented challenges for the Australian economy and revealed vulnerabilities in supply chains, particularly in the food and beverage sector. This prompted the Australian Government to introduce a $107.2 million Supply Chain Resilience Initiative (SCRI) that aims to strengthen supply chains and resilience to external shocks.

Following these footsteps, ESAM also adapted to the change in the market to mitigate risks of supply chain disruptions. Here are some of the areas of focus.



We understand that our supply chain resilience relies heavily on our supplier relationships. Hence, we maintain connectivity between our team and our strong supplier network, committing to agreed expectations and metrics relating to lead times.


Safety Stock to Overcome Product Demand Changes

Preparing a buffer of safety stock can be a reliable solution to building a more resilient supply chain. This allows business continuity while any issues can be managed in the background.

ESAM has local warehousing in Australia and New Zealand where we work closely with our dealer network to ensure we have products available to meet the demands of our customers.


Equipment Maintenance

With the possibility of supply chain disruptions, spare parts and maintenance are an important consideration. ESAM side channel blowers have been developed so that it requires minimal maintenance and are manufactured to perform with a high level of precision and durability, operating 24 hours a day at maximum output.


Reliable Service

In a maturing market for industrial equipment, customers often expect a high level of sales service, installation guidance and post-purchase assistance. That’s why ESAM provides reliable support from our Australian in-house technical team. (To learn more about our technical team, click here.) ESAM also carries spare parts and accessories locally to support to give our partners peace of mind.

After 35 years at ESAM, the world hasn’t become easier. We’ve just become stronger.  


ESAM Side Channel Blowers


Made in Italy – designed and produced in Italy to ISO 9001 standards.

Warranty – our blowers come with a 5-year warranty.

Quality – our blowers are made to the highest standards, using robust, quality materials.

Low maintenance – our blowers are reliable and need minimal maintenance.

Quality assured and individually tested TWICE – every individual ESAM side channel blower is rigorously tested under conditions at the extremes of its likely application. Each unit is tested by the manufacturer in Italy, and again in Australia, before undergoing quality assurance for dispatch from our Melbourne warehouse.

Service – specialised local in-house technical team for service and customer support.


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