From Calabria to ESAM

Silvano Ferraro Celebrating a 10-Year Anniversary

The longevity of tenure at companies seems to be less prevalent in today’s workforce. A 10th anniversary feels more like a myth than an achievable goal. With less and less employees making it to this key milestone, let alone making it to 15 or 20, this is precisely what makes it such a remarkable and noteworthy occasion.

One of our larger-than-life characters of the ESAM technical team, Mr Silvano Ferraro, recently achieved his own personal milestone of 10 years of reliable service with ESAM. We sat down with Silvano to learn more about the last ten years he has shared with us.


What attracted you to join ESAM 10 years ago? You can take Silvano out of Italy, but you can’t take Italy out of Silvano. That’s partly why I joined ESAM, a premium Italian brand. After my wife and I relocated from Italy to her hometown, Melbourne, I found an opening at a family-owned business specialising in air technology. After 12 years of working with compressed air applications, and as a proud Calabrese, I was excited by the possibilities this role could bring, whilst joining a renowned Italian business with a proud heritage in engineering excellence.


What are some of the roles you have taken on at ESAM? Back in Italy, I worked in a technical role for an engineering company, so I initially started at ESAM as a service and pre-delivery assembly technician. As the ESAM team grew, I progressed to become one of the ESAM Technical and Equipment Specialists. As part of the technical team, we are exposed to so many various industries, it’s the nature of what we do. The diversity of the role is really what keeps it exciting as we work with our customers to find air technology solutions for numerous industries, from aquaculture to food, through to manufacturing just to name a few. What I learned over the years is, that no matter what the role or the industry, the goal is always to provide a quality solution to our customers. It is what gets me out of bed every day, the opportunity to really delve into our customers’ challenges and provide a solution to help their business succeed.

Oh, I have also been the resident barista ever since I started.


What was one of your interesting projects you have worked on at ESAM? One of the more recent projects that was quite interesting was for an Australian company leading the charge as a disruptor in organic farming. ESAM are specialists in air-technology and as innovators ourselves, it was great to work with another organisation that was driving change in their respective markets as well.  It is always a nice reminder of our hard work when we see our partner’s products on the shelf of a major supermarket. It is great to see the impact that we can have within our community. In this case, it was helping deliver organic horticulture and premium aquaculture without the waste or environmental risk often experienced by conventional growers.


What has been the biggest change you’ve witnessed during your time at ESAM? During my early days at ESAM, the company had already branched out to a variety of industries including agriculture, aquaculture, aquatic, cleaning, and medical, among many other sectors. But our most exciting change in recent years is our expansion into the fast-growing Asian market with the opening of our first office in Singapore. Now, we have a team across India and Asia, and we have seen really strong growth in these regions for ESAM side channel blowers and compressors.


What is the most common type of side channel blower that customers need? It is important to note there are many names for a side channel blower (I learned this when ESAM expanded into Asia). They can be referred to as:

  • – Side channel blower
  • – Vacuum pump
  • – Regenerative blower (Regen blower)
  • – Ring blower
  • – Vortex blower


There are many factors that we take into account when selecting a side channel blower due to the different variations for different applications. Some of the questions that we consider are:

  1. Do you require a vacuum form or pressure form?
  2. Will it be high or low vacuum/pressure?
  3. Do you require high or low airflow?
  4. Are you looking for a single-stage or two-stage blower unit?


A good place to start to determine the optimal working point is by using our performance graph. But of course, the best option is to contact our technical team. We work hard to ensure you get the best performance and reliability for your application. A lot of what we do is provide technical advice to help in the selection of the most appropriate solution for the project. We often work with engineering companies to look at unique solutions to overcome end-user challenges. It is one of the benefits we provide having a local team.


What do you think we at ESAM, do better than anyone else in the industry? Personally, I think we provide the best customer support in the industrial air industry! I have dealt with many customers in my 10 years at ESAM and I hear that all the time. I really believe when you have a great reliable product and back it with superior customer support, it really gives our customers peace of mind. Just as I’m a proud Calabrese, I’m proud to be part of ESAM.

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