ESAM Oil-Free Compressors – Quality Compressed Air

When quality compressed air is essential, ESAM delivers.

ESAM compressors provide clean, dry, oil-free air, making them ideal for applications that require medical or food-grade air quality and performance.

ESAM for reliable service

ESAM compressors are made for long and reliable service. Our compressors come in sizes for every industrial application requiring high-quality air, particularly in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

ESAM compressors are designed and manufactured in Italy to ISO 9001 standards.

ESAM air compressors are about:

  • Reliability – 5-year warranty on compressors, giving you peace of mind.
  • Performance – high-quality air at the prescribed rate.
  • Safety – tanks have a patented antimicrobial silver ion internal coating that provides permanent protection against bacteria and mould.
  • Quality –made in Italy to the highest standards, using robust, durable materials, and every compressor is carefully tested to ensure they are in top condition.
  • Simplicity – minimal maintenance required, easy to install.
  • Less is more – ESAM air compressors do not require a separate cooling system.
  • Low friction – internal components are coated with patented material to reduce friction, prolonging their life.
  • Compactness – our compressors do not take up too much space and can usually be located close to their point of use.


Over 35 years in premium air technology

ESAM industrial air compressors are manufactured under the strictest standards to deliver the highest quality air to the Australian market. Beginning in 1984, ESAM has become a world leader in the design and manufacturing of the following components:

a. Air compressor filter

The chief components currently within our compressed air system are the best air compressor filters for the ultimate in pressure and power performance. These are important because of their capabilities to remove contaminants and all kinds of debris collected during use. Because of this added layer of protection, the units operate with added efficiency in industrial environments. The wear and tear impact can even be reduced over the lifetime of the compressor.

b. Air compressor dryer system

The air compressor dryer system is a machine designed to vacuum and significantly reducing the moisture content present in the ambient air within the manufacturing equipment. These machines render added sanitation to the air thus enabling the end-users to work in a hygienic environment, while the manufactured products are produced safely.

c. Oil-free air compressor

The use of compressed air can be strictly regulated to meet a high degree of hygiene criteria. This is to keep the compressor contaminant-free in order to prevent causes of infection or other problems. Oil and other particles must not be allowed into the airflow, to maintain the highest standards in quality of air in ESAM compressors.

d. Desiccant air dryer

ESAM desiccant air dryers serve as purifiers to absorb moisture to purify the air. Our systems are purposely designed for outstanding control and performance reliability in industrial applications.


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Not sure which is the correct compressor for your project?

Our friendly staff will be able to assist you.

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