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About Esam

Who is ESAM?
Formed in Italy in the 1960s, ESAM leads the design and manufacture of high-quality side channel blowers and oil-free reciprocating compressors. Our commitment to our customers has always been to supply products of the highest possible quality, complemented by excellent service and support.

Our service and support is comprehensive and includes providing in-depth technical advice before a sale is made, ongoing parts sales and service, and the commitment to being ready to help you get the best from your product during its lifecycle.

Experience and knowledge
ESAM has designed and produced many important products for a range of customers. Our project work includes the design and manufacture of a compressor for NASA that weighed only 180 grams and built up 38 bar of pressure. Closer to earth, we also designed and produced bespoke side channel blowers for the Italian speed train ‘Pendolino’. These specially designed side channel blowers equalise cabin pressure when the trains enter tunnels at high speed. Every day, we are hard at work to ensure our customers benefit from our innovation and dedication to perfection.

ESAM Brochure


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