Aquaculture Solutions: How Low Maintenance Equipment Can Benefit in Remote Areas

Australia’s global reputation as a supplier of safe, high value, high quality, and sustainable seafood has become a major attraction for international investors. Although there are continuous improvements to regulation and policy to support a strong Australian aquaculture sector into the future, the lack of infrastructure in some remote areas (especially in northern Australia) is a disincentive for domestic and international investors.

According to a 2020 report by the Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA), industry stakeholders are working together to overcome identified challenges and capitalise on the opportunities to grow the industry in this region.

Aquaculture industry groups examined the different challenges of setups in regional areas due to the lack of infrastructure and services. These issues may include a lack of road and rail transport, ports, storage facilities, telecommunications as well as freight logistics.

Operating in remote locations also create workforce problems, whereby there is often difficulty in attracting and retaining experienced Australian staff. This could present major challenges especially when it comes to service and maintenance for a business designed to operate continuously.

ESAM 100% Reliability

ESAM can help with equipment reliability, especially in remote areas. From the initial customer query to installation and redundancy contingency plans, then ongoing support throughout the life of the product, ESAM offers end-to-end support to ensure 100% reliability.

Low Maintenance

ESAM side channel blowers have been developed so that it requires minimal maintenance and are manufactured in Italy to ISO 9001 standards. The units are made to perform with a high level of precision and durability, operating 24 hours a day at maximum output.

Reputable Service

In a maturing market for industrial equipment, customers are buying more than the physical product itself. They often expect a high level of sales service, installation guidance and post-purchase support. That’s why ESAM provides reliable support from our in-house technical team. ESAM also carries all spare parts and accessories locally to support to give our partners peace of mind.

At ESAM, we’re in the peace of mind business.


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ESAM Side Channel Blowers

Made in Italy – designed and produced in Italy to ISO 9001 standards.

Warranty – our blowers come with a 5-year warranty.

Quality – our blowers are made to the highest standards, using robust, quality materials.

Low maintenance – our blowers are reliable and need minimal maintenance.

Quality assured and individually tested TWICE – every individual ESAM side channel blower is rigorously tested under conditions at the extremes of its likely application. Each unit is tested by the manufacturer in Italy, and again in Australia, before undergoing quality assurance for dispatch from our Melbourne warehouse.

Service – specialised local in-house technical team for service and customer support.