Case Study: A sustainable aquaculture solution

ESAM expertise empowering a strong partnership with Thisjoy Pty Ltd


At ESAM, we believe equipment reliability happens by choice, not by chance. It is a direct result of a successful partnership. Partners need to be nurtured, and nurturing requires extra attention. That is why at ESAM, there is a strong emphasis on accountability, by providing incomparable technical support and constructive communication to attain 100% reliability. This is especially true for our partner Thisjoy Pty Ltd, the Adelaide-based aquaculture business running a 24/7 operation.

With concerns about a fast-growing population and rising greenhouse gas emissions from livestock, ThisJoy Pty Ltd responds with their alternative livestock feed solution to reduce methane emissions. Such a delicate aquaculture setup requires cutting-edge technology for an uninterrupted operation, but sourcing and setting up reliable equipment may not always be so simple.

It is important for industrial equipment businesses to understand that in a maturing market, customers are buying more than the physical product itself. They often expect a high level of sales service, installation guidance and post-purchase support. This exchange can range from a simple phone enquiry to complex arrangements designed to meet customer needs over the life of the product. In the case of Thisjoy Pty Ltd, defining these customer expectations of support and meeting them effectively was critical to the success of this relationship.


Thisjoy Pty Ltd | A sustainable partnership

South Australia based Thisjoy Pty Ltd produces seaweed for livestock feed, reducing their methane emissions with the potential to increase livestock productivity. With almost 20 years of underwater recreation experience, the director of the company, Jim Thiselton, established the business in 2020 and it has been a growing operation ever since.


The challenge

The ultimate challenge for Thisjoy Pty Ltd as an aquaculture operation is maintaining 24/7 reliability, which is a key business driver that ESAM understands very well based on more than 35 years of experience in the industry. To ESAM, true reliability comes from a partnership comprising of two parts — a great product, and an unparalleled support experience.


Great product

Every side channel blower is individually tested in Italy and again in Australia, with a 5-year warranty to ensure the longevity of the equipment whilst offering supreme performance (see specifications below).


Support experience

From the initial customer query to installation technical guidance, then ongoing support throughout the life of the product, ESAM is well-positioned as the perfect air technology partner, committing to providing an unrivalled customer experience.


With the multitude of setup configurations, one of ESAM’s strengths is the wealth of in-house technical knowledge that supports our local partners, especially for applications such as air solutions for producing livestock feed.



Given the proliferation of choices, the abundance of product information, and the high expectations of buyers today, businesses are often looking for more than just a sales transaction. ESAM delivers not only a reliable product but also a reliable technical support structure, especially for businesses where continuous operation is critical.

With the emergence of progressive customer service channels such as chatbots and support blogs, ESAM understands that there is no “one size fits all” approach to industrial air technology. Subsequently, our ESAM technical team provided a tailored support experience, especially during the installation period. Silvano Ferraro, one of our Technical & Equipment Specialists who managed the installation, ensured ESAM provided comprehensive support to Thisjoy Pty Ltd given the complexity of such an aquaculture system setup.



The outcome was a successful aquaculture system installation, building a strong foundation for Thisjoy Pty Ltd to grow its operation. For the first two years of partnership between ESAM and ThisJoy Pty Ltd, there had been a 0.0% failure rate on the equipment supporting their 24/7 seaweed supplement operation, reinforcing ESAM’s total commitment to achieving 100% reliability.


From the customer

“The experience with ESAM was very positive. The technical team was very knowledgeable, understood exactly what I needed for my aquaculture operation, and was able to deliver the equipment on time. But any sales team could have done that. What impressed me was the high-level quality of technical customer service support that was provided to me. That was key.

Silvano from the technical team was communicating with me on a weekly basis throughout the support period. I felt I was supplied with all the troubleshooting and technical guidance required for a successful setup. From choosing the right voltage to confirming specifications, all the technical details you are usually expected to find out yourself, they provided. Not many places do that, so I was very impressed.”

Jim Thiselton

Director, Thisjoy Pty Ltd


Aquaculture pond setup at Thisjoy Pty Ltd.

ESAM side channel blowers supply aeration to the ponds.


Key Summary

Project Industry: Aquaculture

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Customer Problem: Partnering with a supplier of side channel blowers with the capability to provide end-to-end technical guidance.

ESAM Solution: 3 x 9kW UNI JET 500, 50Hz Three Phase Electric Motor



ESAM Side Channel Blowers

Made in Italy – designed and produced in Italy to ISO 9001 standards.

Warranty – our blowers come with a 5-year warranty.

Quality – our blowers are made to the highest standards, using robust, quality materials.

Low maintenance – our blowers are reliable and need minimal maintenance.

Quality assured and individually tested TWICE – every individual ESAM side channel blower is rigorously tested under conditions at the extremes of its likely application. Each unit is tested by the manufacturer in Italy, and again in Australia, before undergoing quality assurance for dispatch from our Melbourne warehouse.

Service – specialised local in-house technical team for service and customer support.


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