In Focus: The Energy Industry

How ESAM oil-free compressors earned a reputation for reliability in the energy sector.

A Changing World

In a world of progressive technological advancements, we often recalibrate how we make positive impacts on our environment. For this reason, our partners often search for premium sustainable technology to support their business operations. As there is an increasing desire to move away from traditional power as a control medium, there is also an increase in demand for compressed air as an alternative solution. But when it comes to precision air solutions, how do we measure reliability?


Moving Forward with Air Technology

As developments and infrastructure expand, there is increasing pressure to deliver reliable systems in a sustainable manner. Compressed air is often considered the fourth utility. Although it is not as common as electricity, petroleum, or gas power, compressed air plays a critical role today, especially in modern manufacturing processes.

From power generation to medical use, through to the production of everyday goods, compressed air accounts for about 10 per cent of the global energy consumption. With compressed air, users can easily generate their own air and choose its generation method. This can then be used for applications that are dependent on pneumatic air.


A Powerful Solution

Upon the selection of a compressed air solution, there are two main options available: oil-lubricated compressors and oil-free compressors. Although both perform the same function and provide compressed air, they differ in processing methods, makeup, and the type of application they are designed for.

In the energy sector where low maintenance is important due to the location of the job, or where air purity is critical, oil-free compressors are found to be ideal for their applications. ESAM also carries all spare parts and accessories locally to support to give our partners peace of mind.


When Reliability Matters

ESAM oil-free compressors have played an important role in Australia’s energy industry. To better support our industry partners, our compressors are customisable to allow modifications, such as the removal of the dryer, specific task-focused filtration installation, and compatibility for additional electrical components.

At ESAM, we provide a level of agility and reputation entrusted by one of Australia’s leading integrated energy companies, managing one of the country’s largest exploration and production portfolios. Whilst our experience has earned our prestige in air technology, we provide the utmost reliability that supports the ASX listed company’s success in power generation and energy retailing.


Preserving our Quality

We work hard to preserve the purest air quality in our antimicrobial compressor tanks, just as we do our utmost to maintain our world-class reputation. Our products are the lifeblood of our reputable brand, our brand reputation needs to be maintained, and we maintain this by going the extra mile to earn the trust of our partners. From product selection to installation and post-install support, along with a 5-year warranty, we are there all the way to deliver 100% reliability.


ESAM Oil-Free Compressors for Quality Compressed Air

Made in Italy – designed and produced in Italy to ISO 9001 standards.

Performance – each compressor is rigorously tested to deliver precision air technology at the prescribed rate.

Safety – certified food-grade resin-coated tank. Added antimicrobial protection with Biocote® silver-ion lining within the tank.

Low friction – internal components are designed to reduce friction, prolonging the life of the unit.

Service – unrivalled technical and customer support.

Reliability – 5-year warranty for peace of mind.


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