How to Select a Side Channel Blower

Given the availability of a large variety of air blower products, it can be challenging to determine which equipment is most suitable for your application. Therefore, it is imperative to distinguish the difference between side channel blowers and other kinds of air technology equipment. To begin, let’s try and understand what a side channel blower is.



What is a side channel blower?

A side channel blower transports air using high-speed rotating impellers, transferring the accumulating kinetic energy through a tight passage and converting it into pressure with each rotation. The rotating impellers generate a series of vortexes, forcing the air to advance in a spiral motion, continuously compressing the air to build pressure from the moment it enters the inlet to the time of leaving the outlet.

It is also important to note there are many names for a side channel blower. This is especially common in the various global regions ESAM operates in.

The units can be referred to as:

    • Side channel blower
    • Vacuum pump
    • Regenerative blower (Regen blower)
    • Ring blower
    • Vortex blower
    • Blower fan


There are many factors that we consider when selecting a side channel blower due to the different variations for different applications. Some of the questions that we must consider are:

  1. Do you require a vacuum form or pressure form?
  2. Will it be high or low vacuum/pressure?
  3. Do you require high or low airflow?
  4. Are you looking for a single-stage or two-stage blower unit?


A good place to start to determine the optimal working point is by using ESAM’s performance graph. But of course, our technical team is available to work through your side channel blower needs and determine a suitable setup to overcome your challenges.


Pressure performance graph

Vacuum performance graph

At ESAM, we work hard to ensure you get the best performance and reliability for your application. We pride ourselves on our technical advice and work closely with you to understand your desired outcome. We often work with engineering companies to find unique solutions to overcome end-user challenges. It is one of the benefits we provide having a local team.


ESAM Side Channel Blowers

Made in Italy – designed and produced in Italy to ISO 9001 standards.

Quality – our blowers are built with die-cast aluminium alloy, wherever possible.

Low maintenance – our blowers are reliable and need minimal maintenance.

Testing – every ESAM side channel blower is tested under extreme conditions to simulate different applications.

Precision – every ESAM side channel blower is dynamically balanced to the highest standards.

Service – specialised local in-house technical team for service and customer support.

Spare parts – we stock all the spare parts and accessories you could need at our Malaysian warehouse.

Warranty – our blowers come with a 5-year warranty.


To find out more, call us now on 03 9484 5719.