ESAM Asia members arrive for training at Melbourne Head Office

Lee Fook Sung (ESAM Asia – Malaysia division) in a training session with Silvano Ferraro, Technical and Equipment Specialist, ESAM Australia.


ESAM Asia has always been committed to facilitating distribution partners with delivering world-class air technology to the Asia region. Since 2017, ESAM Asia has established partnerships with distributors in 12 countries and territories, including Singapore, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Taiwan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Hong Kong.

One of our main priorities in relationship building with our Asian counterparts is the training aspect. It is important to provide our customers with not only exceptional quality premium air technology but also outstanding and comprehensive service. Training is an essential part of that service, and ESAM Australia has played a significant role in providing the technical knowledge that supports that end-to-end premium customer experience.

At ESAM, we have been servicing clients from a variety of areas with in-depth expertise in each field. Many of our regular clients come from industries including:

Aquaculture and aquariums
Food and beverage
And many more.

For a complete list, visit our Industry section on our website.


Thong Ming Chuin (Malaysia Division) observes in a training session with Mark Humphries, Group Technical Manager, ESAM Australia.


ESAM elevates businesses to new heights by providing a full spectrum of professional expertise in air technology. By partnering with us, you get in-house technical support to provide you peace of mind.

“Bringing more than 35 years of innovation and experience to the Asia region, ESAM offers a premium solution at the quality end of the air technology spectrum. In a competitive world with pressure to improve performance and production, no matter the industry or application, if air is required, ESAM Asia is well positioned to be your premium air technology partner.”

Joe Serratore

Sales Manager

ESAM Australasia


Leveraging our strong technical team in Australia and across Asia, and their commitment to innovation, the ESAM group of companies is well placed to continue to expand across the Asia Pacific region and set the quality benchmark in global air technology.

At ESAM, the goal is only a marker of the progress we make while in pursuit of something greater than ourselves.