Within the Aquaculture industry our side channel blowers are commonly used to aerate fish tanks.

Aerating fish tanks provides much needed oxygen in the water for the fish to remain alive.Our reliable side channel blowers offer the consistency & precise air temperate required to keep the fish healthy & free of any allergies.
Our side channel blowers are also used for pneumatic conveying systems, which in the Aquaculture industry are used to automate feeding the fish.

Advantages of using a conveyer system are that the food (pellets) quantity is consistent, effortless & low maintenance.

Aerating fish ponds by providing air into a defined area via an inlet, which then has diffusers at the bottom of the pond triggering fine bubbles so the air temperate is controlled, has major benefits for the fish to grow in a stable environment.
Our side channel blowers are manufactured with precision detail that are highly equipped to run 24/7 an essential aspect of keeping the fish alive by providing oxygen which equates to a healthy livestock that can reproduce at a rapid rate.